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Production Rates

    • $800.00 For Complete XDCAM EX HD 1080i/720p 24p Camera Package, PAL Capable - includes DP/Cameraman

    • $750.00 For Complete HDV 1080i 24p Camera Package - includes DP/Cameraman

    • $450.00 Camera Operator (10Hr Day, no gear)

    • $550.00 Soundman with Full Audio Package

    • $400.00 Soundman (10Hr Day, no gear)

    • $300.00 Grip

Terms and Policies

NET 20 Days Crew Overtime is $100.00/hr. per crew ($50.00/hr. for each crew member) after a 10 hr. day per 24 hrs.

Sony HDV Tape: $20.00 per tape
Sony DVCAM Tape: $15.00 per tape

Cancellations: 24 hours or less will be charged 50% of overall total rates as quoted.

Rates are subject to change. Please call for current pricing. Rates are negotiable.


Bill Griffin, Owner/Operator

Exceptional Producer Services
Since 1981

Home/Office: 972-475-6870, Inside Dallas, Texas

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